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  • Massport Conley Terminal
    Massport Conley Terminal
  • Buzzards Bay, MA Wreck
    Buzzards Bay, MA Wreck
  • Fore River LIDAR
    Fore River LIDAR
  • Erie Canal Lock E-12
    Erie Canal Lock E-12
  • USACE Hurricane Barrier
    USACE Hurricane Barrier
  • MBTA Rail Bridge Multibeam
    MBTA Rail Bridge Multibeam
  • National Grid Multibeam
    National Grid Multibeam

About Steele Associates:
Steele Associates is a full service hydrographic surveying and marine environmental consulting firm established in 2003. Our NSPS / THSOA Certified Hydrographers are recognized for our ability to consistently provide quality results in the often difficult marine environment, with a successful track record along both the east and west coasts. Steele Associates specializes in high resolution multibeam bathymetric surveys, dredging surveys, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Dredging Quality Management compliance, and marine operations survey and positioning. We are structured to serve as an extension of the firms and agencies we support, with the goal of providing first class service with the close working relationship of an in-house survey team. We routinely develop and perform Class 1 dredge payment surveys for civil, environmental, and private projects. Our ability to identify and address potential difficulties before they arise, and to maintain focus on key objectives has resulted in greater success for the firms we support. Steele Associates’ personnel have backgrounds in civil engineering, dredging, environmental science, land surveying, and oceanographic surveying.

Areas of Specialization:                                                                                                                                             View Sample Data Products

  • Single and multibeam bathymetric surveys, including Class 1 dredge payment surveys
  • Ultra-high resolution multibeam and side-scan sonar debris and search surveys
  • Environmental dredging, backfill, and capping surveys
  • Bridge scour, existing conditions, and navigational clearance surveys
  • Inspection, existing conditions, and coastal mapping surveys
  • Environmental and water quality monitoring systems and buoys
  • USACE DQM compliance for the monitoring of disposal of dredged material
  • Dredgepack crane and excavator positioning systems sales, installation, and support


  • 32-ft  survey vessel
  • (2) 24-ft survey vessels
  • 24-ft monitoring and sampling vessel with A-frame and deck winch
  • 15-ft survey skiff