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Hydrographic Surveying and Mapping

Gloucester Nat Grid Dredging BDMultibeam Survey – Environmental Dredging, Gloucester, MA

Hydrographic Surveying

Steele Associates has provided hydrographic surveying and mapping support on diverse and technically challenging projects. Our R2Sonic 2024 multibeam sonar is capable of 700 kHz ultra-high resolution data acquisition, the highest resolution available for any commercial shallow water multibeam echo sounder. The 2024 is ideal for offshore site survey such as pipeline inspections, cable laying operations or other bathymetric applications.

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Hydrographic Surveying and Mapping

Bathymetric Surveys

  • High resolution multibeam surveys
  • Single beam surveys
  • Dual frequency surveys

Dredging Surveys

  • Class 1 Dredge payment surveys
  • Environmental dredging surveys and production analysis
  • Dredge volumetric computations

Inspection Surveys

  • Ultra-high resolution multibeam and
    side-scan sonar debris mapping
  • Cable and pipeline surveys
  • Bridge pier and scour surveys

Shoreline Surveys

  • Beach nourishment profiles
  • Coastal erosion/accretion surveys
  • Coastal mapping

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